Thursday, October 30, 2014

Steers for Sale!

Here is a quick snap shot of what we still have laying around.  These were not in the first sale and are now being offered first come first served.  Priced from 1800 to 3500.  Videos will be posted soon
Call or text for more info 
Trevor Roche 208-880-7676
Justin Jones 971-998-5540

#2 Chopper
#5 Hollywood

#19 Bojo

#22 Heatwave

#35 Monopoly Money

#38 PB Hereford

#40 Walk this Way

#41 Monopoly Son

#74 Monopoly

#88 Man Among Boys

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Weekend Sale Schedule

Many have asked about the when and where of this weekend so here goes...

Friday - Calves are available to be viewed all day

Dinner will be served around 5:30 for the whole family

Saturday - Calves will be ready to be viewed at 9:00 am

Bidder numbers will be assigned this year to all buyers.

Bid offs will begin at 11:15...after going through the bid board once we will break for lunch and allow those that were outbid to reevaluate the calves and place bids one final time.

After lunch we will go through the bid board one more time and then announce that calves sold.

The fitting clinic will immediately follow


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Here they are! Videos are now POSTED!

Please call/text Trevor Roche 208-880-7676 or Justin Jones 971-998-5540 about the cattle...Enjoy!
Lot 6 Monopoly x Who Made Who
Click here to view video

 Lot 7 Monopoly 2 x Heatwave
Click here to view video

Lot 10 Monopoly x Black Bear

 Lot 11 Lone Ranger x Jack Frost
Click here to view video

 Lot 12 Heatwave x Hannibal
Click here to view video

 Lot 14 Walks Alone x Jakes Proud Jazz

 Lot 15 Monopoly x Northern Improvement
Click here to view video

Lot 20 I-80 x Heatwave

 Lot 26 Heatwave x Maximus
Lot 27 Monopoly Money x Totally Tuned
 Lot 27 Monopoly Money x Totally Tuned
Click here to view video
Lot 30 Grizzly Bear x Bleeding Purple

 Lot 36 Monopoly x Irish Whiskey
Lot 42 Monopoly x Irish Whiskey

Lot 44 Man Among Boys x Heatseeker

Lot 45 Believe In Me x Irish Whiskey

Lot 51 Man Among Boys x Hereford

Lot 52 Walk This Way x Northern Improvement

Lot 54 Monopoly x Full Flush

Lot 58 Monopoly x Ali

Lot 59 Monopoly x Hannibal

Lot 64 I-80 x Heatwave

Lot 65 Monopoly x Totally Tuned

Lot 69 Heatwave x Maximus

Lot 75 Man Among Boys x Hereford

Lot 79 Man Among Boys x Hereford

Lot 84 Unstoppable x Money Talks

Pictures are on their way! Just hold tight!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pictures will be posted soon!

Thirty more to clip tomorrow then pictures and videos Saturday. Be checking the blog for pictures Saturday night and videos sometime Sunday...I hope! Expecting 60 to 70 head on the 18th.